Monday, November 18, 2013

She existed

Sunday, at a family get together it was reaffirmed that my daughter doesn't count in our family because she isn't here. Obviously they didn't directly come out and say she doesn't count, but in the count of the grandchildren it was as plain as day to me that she was not included. I piped back "We have two children." but there was still a lack of understanding and I was left trying to  validate my point when everyone else wanted to forget the subject even arose.

It certainly threw off my entire day, a day I was hoping to enjoy with family we rarely see. Secretly I wanted to go home right away or run as far away as possible. But I sat there and didn't say a word about my feelings for my husband's sake. I just felt very down and out of it the entire day.

I get it, most people didn't meet her so she's not on their minds... But I just want my daughter remembered. She existed. She deserves to be remembered. I refuse to sit back and watch her memory fade away.

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  1. I am sorry you felt sad on our special day together. I wasn't aware of the comment that was made, but I understand it was made in a light hearted way. No one in the family wants to see you hurting. Everyone acknowledges Evangeline and can only imagine the pain your going through. We all support you in your time of grief and are here for you in any way you need us to be. We do care about you and all your going through and hope we can help you in whatever way we can. We love you and Ryan and Mariah and Evangeline and any future baby God blesses our family with.