Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Our secret

When Ryan and I found out in September that we were expecting a little baby we decided to keep it our little secret for a while. It was nice to feel like we had something so special just between the two of us.

Ryan's parents helped us move into our new house in mid November. I wondered if they would catch on that I wasn't helping to move the heavy things or if they would really believe that we didn't know what we were going to use the extra yellow bedroom for... At the time, we secretly already had plans for it.

My mom came to spend a few days with us around Thanksgiving. By that time Ryan and I were bursting at the seams to tell someone our secret, so we told Mariah she was going to be a big sister. Of course an almost 4 year old shouldn't be trusted to keep a secret... So while her Grammy (my mom) gave Mariah a bath Mariah kept saying "Grammy, I'm a big sister"... My mom didnt catch on and just said "Yes Mariah, you'll be a big sister one day." My mom just couldn't understand why Mariah was so adamant about it. Ryan and I were laughing in the living room the whole time because we knew exactly why Mariah was frustrated with my mom not believing her.

On Thanksgiving day, my mom and Ryan's mom and stepdad joined us for dinner. I offered to say say grace. I finished it by saying "Ryan and I are so thankful to create memories in our new house, we are thankful for the love of our family members, and Mariah is thankful to be a big sister in May. Amen." It was so fun to watch our parents' expressions change, to watch them share in our joy.

I'll never forget how exciting it was for Evangeline to be our little secret those first couple months, I'm just so sad I'll never be able to tell her about it.

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