Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sisters are Forever

Dear Evangeline,

Even though you are not here with us, I want you to know what a good big sister you have. Mariah thinks about you often and doesn't hesitate to remind us of your importance in her life. She is the best big sister in the world. I know you would be proud.

Your big sister loves to feel like she's spending time with you. She plays with her toys in your room and gives you a cup of tea when she gives me one. We blew bubbles outside while wearing our shirts with your name on the back, and when we came inside she drew a picture of bubbles and had me hang it in your room because she knew you would like it.

She is also very protective of you. The other week your Grammy came over to visit. She asked Mariah where her bumblebee pillow was and Mariah yelled, "No, you can't have it! It's for Evangeline!" Your Grammy didn't understand, but I remembered Mariah putting it in your crib days before because she said you needed a pillow. She also calls you her baby and says when she grows up she wants to be your mommy.

We went to a remembrance walk for you the other week and Mariah was such a proud big sister. I let her wear the big sister shirt she never got to wear and she loved it. No matter what, she IS a big sister... But I was always too afraid to have her wear that shirt and have people ask questions. At that event I knew everyone would understand and she could feel like the proud big sister she is. Mariah got her face painted at the walk and she asked for a star and a heart. I felt like she picked those out just for you. Stars remind me of you, and hearts show our love for you.

You will always be an important part of our lives and Mariah will always be your proud big sister.

We miss you everyday.

Love you forever,


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