Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Thoughtfulness of a Child

This morning I woke up cradling Evangeline's blanket in my arm, holding it tightly to my chest. I kept my eyes closed for a good ten minutes and just took in how good it felt to have something that was hers in my arms. I rubbed it against my cheek, took in its smell, and held it as close to my heart as possible.

After some time I realized something... I wasn't holding her blanket when I went to sleep the night before... It was sitting at the end of the bed when I fell asleep. How did it end up in my arms? Just as I thought those words I heard my sweet four year old whisper "I'm going to go pat mommy's arm again." And as my eyes were still closed I could hear her creep over to my side of the bed and she gently patted the arm that was cradling Evangeline's blanket. I opened my eyes, said good morning to her and gave her a kiss. She said "Mommy, I gave you blankie rainbow to hold."

My sweet four year old woke up before me, gave me the blanket to cuddle with and allowed me to keep sleeping. Her thoughtfulness is so beautiful. Not only did she know how much it means for me to hold that blanket, she quietly watched me sleep for some time without trying to get me up. For once I was able to crawl out of bed with a hint of a smile on my face and a sprinkle of joy in my heart.


  1. Very thankful for her caring spirit. Always happy to hear your having special uplifting moments :) love you guys! Dawn

    1. I agree, I'm so thankful she's so caring too... I just wish she was helping her mommy care for her baby sister instead of caring for her mommy :(