Monday, August 26, 2013


"Are you pregnant yet? Oh, don't worry you'll have another baby."

What? Did you really just ask me that? We would like to eventually have another child, but here are a few tips:

1. Yet? You do realize I just gave birth to my dead daughter 3.5 months ago, right? And you say yet? Like it's just that easy... Props for expecting me to get pregnant that soon after giving birth.  Ever stop to think that maybe we're still grieving?

2. It is none of your business when we decide to have another child, so don't ask. And by asking, you just blew your chance of me confiding in you out the window.

3. Maybe doctors have timelines about how long to wait after giving birth for a reason.

4. Having another baby will be nice, BUT it certainly won't fix things. A new baby will never replace our daughter we lost. We will always grieve for Evangeline... No matter how many children we end up having, we will always have a little girl missing... A little girl who should be playing right along with her siblings... So getting pregnant again is not the cure all I think you are expecting it to be for me.

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