Saturday, August 24, 2013

No comparison

"I can guarantee you, your life is better than 99% of the people out there."

Newsflash: these words are NOT comforting.

Yes, I am well aware that there are people worse off than me in life. But guess what, that does NOT take away from my pain. My heart goes out to anyone who does have it worse than me, but that doesn't mean that I shouldn't cry or grieve when I need to. I shouldn't be made to feel like I need to get over it because my life is better than 99% of the people out there.

Everyone has their own troubles in life, but we are not on this earth to compare who has it worse. Why should we compare pain? Why should we compare whether losing a child is better or worse than dying of cancer or living in a war zone? Each situation is terrible in its own way. There is no reason to compare. And even situations that are similar are completely different... my grief journey for my child is completely different than another bereaved parent's grief journey for their child. No need to compare.

So please, if I'm having a hard day and feel the need to cry, don't make me feel like I need to get over it... A simple "I'm sorry you are hurting" or just a hug would help and acknowledge my feelings, even if you think I just need to move on.


  1. I came across a book about grieving/loss in general that's good that you might appreciate. You should also use it as a blunt object to smack people like this in your posts

    1. Thanks Kasey! I'll have to look into it. And yes, sometimes it would be wonderful to have something to smack people with ;) haha