Monday, December 2, 2013

They grow up too fast

I have a whole new perspective on the phrase "they grow up too fast." It's NEVER too fast... I'd rather have it be "too fast" than never grow up at all. I know people use that phrase because they feel like they blink and their child is already one, then in kindergarten, high school, etc... And believe me I used to say that with Mariah... But now... Now my days are going too fast for another reason.

It's been too long since I've gotten to hold my baby at all... I wouldn't mind holding her as an almost 7 month old wondering where the time has gone and thinking "they grow up too fast." But instead I just  try to picture the only day I got to hold her and wonder where the time has gone. How has it been so long since I held her in my arms? What I wouldn't do to see her as a happy little 7 month old... She could grow up as fast as ever and I'd be as happy as can be. I only ever get to remember her as the newborn baby girl who never had that chance.

"They grow up too fast"... Or sometimes they don't grow up at all. *sigh*

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