Friday, December 6, 2013

Leave a penny

A couple of months ago a fellow loss mom friend of mine talked to me about how people leave pennies on gravesites to show that they visited. This was something I had never heard of and thought it was such a sweet idea. My friend said that when she visits her son's resting place she leaves a penny, and she has since started leaving pennies on other stones in the cemetery as well.

Today, after work I decided to take a drive. I drove the six miles from my work to the cemetery where my friend's sweet baby boy is buried. I had never been to this cemetery before and had no idea where in the cemetery this sweet boy was laid to rest, but I figured I would somehow be able to find it. The only bit of help I had was a photograph my friend had sent me a few months ago of her son's resting place.

I drove around the cemetery in the rain trying to look for his resting place, trying to use the other headstones as a guide. Originally I had planned to walk the cemetery looking at each headstone to find his resting place, but of course it was raining and my umbrella wasn't working. I drove around the cemetery 3 times and was starting to get really discouraged when I noticed I had driven right up to his gravesite.

I got out of my car, and felt the cold December rain coming down on me. I walked over to his grave, knelt down and cried for this deeply missed baby boy. I talked to Andrew and my Evangeline and told them they are both loved and missed. I wished them both a very special first Christmas in heaven,  along with all of the other sweet babies who are missed this year. As I walked away I blew them kisses to heaven. Even though it was cold and rainy, and I shed some tears, it was a very nice visit.

And I made sure to leave Andrew a bright, shiny penny before I left.

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